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Bayview Hills

Another Dream, Another Life

Luxury Residences


How about a break in the heart of Montenegro with Bayview Hills Luxury Residences?

A short break in the heart of Montenegro with Bayview Hills Luxury Residences


An unforgettable holiday experience intertwined with peace, nature and luxury in Tivat, the pearl of Montenegro. You will rest your soul as well as your body in the luxurious rooms of Bayview Hills Luxury Residences, which are prepared considering all your needs. Bayview Hills Luxury Residences is waiting for you with its luxurious lines, the touch of modern archite cture and breathtaking nature.


Bayview Hills Luxury Residences offers not only an accommodation but also a unique holiday experience with its fine details. Your holiday will be filled with Bayview Hills Luxury Residences with its breathtaking Adriatic view, gardens and terraces that host pleasant moments, a swimming pool located in the best part of the view, sauna and fitness rooms that will make you feel at home.



You will feel the comfort of luxury in the suites, which have been designed with all your needs in mind, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

With 5 different room plans, you will be able to plan the holiday you want according to the number of people.

You will always feel the unique view of Tivat and the cool breezes of the Adriatic.

You will have a wonderful holiday where your calm and privacy are protected

You will rest both your body and soul in our suites, which are planned with relaxing and modern designs.




What awaits you at Bayview Hills Luxury Residences?

You will renew both your soul and body with a relaxing atmosphere and our special services.

You will start the day more positive with the breathtaking Adriatic view.

You will relax as you wish with our sauna, massage room, spa rest area, fitness room, outdoor swimming pool, garden rest areas and terrace rest areas.

You will not have parking problems for your vehicle with our open-closed parking areas.

You will feel the comfort in every area with our reception and housekeeping services.

You will combine your holiday safely with our smoke alarm, fire extinguishers, security camera, safety deposit box and 24-hour security service.


Infinity Pool 

You will be able to enjoy the view of the Adriatic while sitting on your sun lounger and sipping your wine.

You will be safe with sun umbrellas.

Entertainment will always be with you with our live music and shows.

You will enjoy cooling off in our 100 m2 endless infinity pool designed for those who love the sea but do not like sand.


What to do in Montenegro, the pearl of the Balkans?

 Touring Tivat for a premium ambiance

Tasting Montenegro dishes that you can’t get enough of in Tivat

Getting lost in the historical texture of Budva

Experiencing Kotor, one of the most beautiful medieval settlements in the world

Participating in adrenaline-filled Tara Canyon activities